Trainers + Therapists

Our team of expert trainers and therapists are highly experienced, certified, and passionate about your movement, health, and nutrition. They understand that no two bodies are alike and are committed to helping you achieve your personal best.

Feel healthier, happier, stronger, more flexible, and of course, FIT!

Tracy Cook

Exercise Nutrition
Weight Management
Strength Training

Tracy is a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, with 8 years of experience of functional training, and movement assessment. As a Certified Sport Nutrition Adviser, she is also able to proactively combine her knowledge of fitness and proper diet to successfully assist her clients in reaching their fitness and health-related goals. She is dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle and being a positive role model for others.

Jared Ludlow-Carroll

Exercise Rehabilitation
Functional Fitness
Kettlebell Training

Jared is a Certified Athletic Therapist, with a Degree in Athletic and Exercise Therapy. With years experience, he uses his comprehensive knowledge of injury rehabilitation and prevention to maximize the recovery results of his clients. Jared prides himself in his ability to get his clients feeling like themselves again, and helping them maintain long term results.