Our certified and highly experienced trainers and therapists offer the best training, services and equipment. During your free fitness assessment, we’ll listen, check you out, and set you up with the best programs to help you excel.



It’s all about you!

Personal, one-on-one training sessions tailored just for you. Our custom plans are focused on achieving your desired goals and more. $65 per session

For extra motivation, train with your partner, friend, or as a small private group.

Partner session: $90

3 Person session: $100

4 Person session: $110



Feel like yourself again

Our professionally-trained and Certified Athletic Therapist has experience working with all fitness levels and capabilities.

From the general public, to competitive runners and Crossfit athletes, and individuals regaining movement post stoke or surgery, you can feel confident in your recovery with our trusted in-house professionals.

Once we’ve completed your full body assessment, we’ll determine what rehabilitation and recovery techniques are appropriate for you. Our goal is to improve your physical symptoms and ailments in the most effective and safe way possible.  

Our techniques include (but are not limited to): corrective exercises, soft tissue and joint mobilization, muscle energy, muscle pain release, trigger point therapy, and muscle scraping.

1 hour session: $75


Let's work together!

Sweat hard, feel empowered, have fun and reach your personal best with a strong and supportive team.

Class Pricing Options: (plus GST)

$150 - 10 Class Punchcard (no expiry)

$210 - Unlimited Calendar Month (can be pro-rated if you’re away part of the month)

$17 - Drop-in



Fuel your mind and body

We understand that nutrition and having a balanced diet is important to maintaining your health and fitness results.

Fuelling your body with proper whole foods will contribute to the success of your hard work in the gym.

Proper nutrition can positively affect everything from fat loss and muscle gains, to mood and energy levels, skin conditions, weight loss, and a multitude of health conditions like allergies, diabetes, and heart disease.

If you struggle with implementing or maintaining a proper balanced diet or just need the extra support to reach the goals you've set, our Certified Holistic Nutritionist offers a complimentary consultation to determine your unique needs and goals.

Nutrition plans include an electronic personalized full colour meal plan complete with easy-to-follow recipes and a detailed shopping list. In addition, there are regular check-ins, weigh-ins, and supportive coaching as well as unlimited email communication during the implementation phase, usually 30 days.

Nutrition Plan: $249